RapidStaff VP Alisha


Vice President

Alisha provides expertise in business and operations allows her to successfully manage end-to-end crisis healthcare situations. Her consultative approach to strike staffing solutions and contingency planning creates experienced responses for many satisfied client facilities.

With over 20 years in the strike staffing industry, Alisha has worked with hundreds of facilities to help prepare, support, and execute contingency plans when a strike begins. She uses this extensive experience to holistically cover a facility’s needs — covering everything from assessing the accurate number of replacement workers to the right amount of buses and hotel rooms.

Alisha successfully leads more than 80% of strike response that occurs in healthcare labor disruptions including contingency planning, full coverage clinical hospital staffing, operational planning, logistics, on site operations and execution of strike plans.

Alisha’s experience in strike planning and execution distinguishes her as a Strike Operations Subject Matter Expert.