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April 12, 2019

Services Provided

  • Flexible: Ability to adapt to any facility needs based on your circumstances or conditions
  • Consultative: Providing our facilities with professional advise & recommendations for the preparation of any potential strike at any time allowing care to continue seamlessly.
  • Scalable: We can adjust on the fly to support your changing needs, increasing/decreasing our team, changing location or focus as needed to meet your needs
  • Performance: By working with your key stakeholders and team to create a plan for fulfilment of your needs, we can provide a guaratee of delivery
  • On time: A strike is not something you choose the timing of, so our professionals area ready and delivered to you ready to work, adapt and become a part of your team. They are there when you need them!
  • Execution: From staffing planning, recruitment, travel, logistics, and transitioning to the floors. We execute on all aspects, working with your team but allowing us to be the experts for all your needs during this critical time.
  • Bargaining power: Partnering with RapidStaff allows you the assurance as you are bargaining that in the event that you need replacement Allied Staff – we are there. We can provide reports, data and logistical plans to give you the information to guide constructive negotiations.
  • Cost Competitive: Our pricing model allows you to know that you as a facility will be taken care of to the fullest without question. Contact us for more information.