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March 28, 2019

Clinical Professionals

  • At least 6 months experience in current specialty area
  • Ability to adapt quickly in fast paced environment
  • Retains information, can work independently as well as in a team
  • Puts patient care first
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs as necessary
  • Professional attitude, attire and communication skills
  • Complete Application
  • Employment Profile
  • Annual Skills Assessment 
  • Signed Background check letter – including statement of searches complete and/or initiated
    • SSN Verification, Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Search (7 years), FACIS Level 3 Search (including OIG & SAM), National Sex Offender Database Search and any applicable state specific background screenings 
  • Certifications (As required for specialty area)
    • BLS (AHA typically required), ACLS (AHA typically required), PALS (AHA typically required), NRP, ENPC, TNCC, etcetera (as required by specialty)
  • Primary Source Verification of State License (As required for specialty)
  • National Certification (As required by specialty)
  • Diploma/Transcripts (As required by specialty)
  • Evaluation or Reference
    • One year evaluation within specialty from RN or supervisor within the last year
  • Physical w/in 1 year
  • TB w/in 1 year- Quantiferon w/in 1 year is also accepted
    • If TB is positive or there is a history of positive TB:
      • Chest X-Ray w/in 2 years and TB Questionnaire w/in 1 year
  • Rubella
    • Proof of Positive Titer or 2 Vaccines or Age Exemption (if born prior to 1957)
  • Rubeola
    • Proof of Positive Titer or 2 Vaccines or Age Exemption (if born prior to 1957)
  • Mumps
    • Proof of Positive Titer or 2 Vaccines or Age Exemption (if born prior to 1957)
  • Varicella
    • Proof of Positive Titer or 2 Vaccines or Documented History of Disease
  • Hepatitis
    • Proof of Positive Titer or Complete Vaccine Series or Declination
  • Tdap Vaccination within 10 years or Declination
  • Flu Vaccination (for current season) or Declination
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen completed by RapidStaff within 1 year
  • Strike assignments are short term & sporadic that require being away from home 7-10 days depending on each assignment
  • By being prepared with you application & file requirements, this will ensure that you will be the first to be reviewed by our staffing team
  • Until official notice is received, the exact start date is unknown, so always be prepared.
  • We pay according to all state & federal guidelines
  • We can not give you any tax advice but you will need a W-4 every year
  • Pay week is dependent on when the strike starts
  • Weekly or daily pay is dependent on the state in which you are working
  • Paid time is considered the time you report to the hospital to the time you give report at the end of your shift

Total Med & Staffency are leaders in the healthcare community staffing hundreds of hospitals, meeting their Allied & Nursing needs. RapidStaff is a strike solution organization that was built from Valley Healthcare & Rapid Allied. Our database of over 150k professionals make RapidStaff a guaranteed provider of your strike Allied needs. With more than 30 years of experience in the field and our focus over the last 5 years we have supports & provided Allied Professionals for more than 15 clients. We provide full scope services for planning, staffing, operations, logistics and execution for Hospitals and Care facilities who are beginning to bargain with their Allied unions allowing them leverage at the negotiations table an insurance plan that in the event of a strike, services will remain seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I sign up?

Please Apply Now or complete a Full Application

How will I be notified of a job action assignment?

Once you have completed profile with us and your qualifications match, you’ll automatically be notified about any potential upcoming job actions. If you believe you will be available, we will notify you once we receive notice that the strike is going to take place, usually ten days prior to assignment start date. A strike team member will either call, text or email you to confirm your availability. It’s important you respond as quickly as possible.

What do I need to bring to assignment?

You will need to carry a copy of your completed file with you to every assignment. We recommend not checking this in your luggage, as if it gets lost you risk being turned away for the job action. This should include copies of your current certifications, licenses, and compliance documents. We also recommend that you bring scrubs, a credit card or ATM card, cell phone with a charger, and 200 cash for you own convenience.

What is the average length of an assignment?

Most job actions are limited to 5 days & require a 8-10 day commitment. We will always let you know our expectation and this will be confirmed once the strike notice is given.

How many hours per week will I work during a job action?

Most assignments guarantee at least 48-60 hours of work. Staff will need to be flexible in their work schedule, working overtime if necessary. Staff must be available to work all seven (7) days each week. If, for some reason, you are available to work and the facility cancels you, you many still be eligible for the guarantee. RapidStaff follows all state & federal pay practices.

How will I be informed of my schedule at a strike assignment?

Each job action site has an onsite manager who will arrange schedules. Unless advised otherwise, you will need to check in daily with the onsite manager to view your schedule. All details about the assignment will be presented at induction. Shifts cannot be guaranteed

How are staff chosen for the strike?

If is our policy to place candidates who fit the job description and who have complete files on the schedule first. If you meet most, but not all requirements/preferences, or have an incomplete file, you risk not being placed for an assignment.

What do your strike assignments pay?

Each assignment has its own pay rate depending on specialty and location, however, minimum pay is generally $40 an hour. Job action assignment hourly pay is higher than travel assignment hourly pay due to the last minute need.

How and when will I be paid?

Pay periods are weekly with the option of receiving a live check or a direct deposit. In some unique instances, pay may be daily by way of cash card or live check.

You offer license reimbursement?

On occasion, we have additional licensing programs available when we have special needs in various states. Visit our Licensing Programs or ask a strike team member for details.

What is the definition of overtime?

In most cases, overtime is time-and-a-half times pay after 40 hours worked per week. California has specific overtime laws that pay overtime after 8 hours worked per day. Ask a strike team member for details about a particular assignment. The FLSA states that overtime is to be at one and a half time normal pay rates after 40 hours working in one week. California has specific wage hour regulations that state that one and a half times normal pay is to be paid after 9 hours worked in one day.

If I work a holiday am I paid at a higher rate that day?

The pay rate for holidays will vary per assignment. Please ask strike team member for details.

What if the strike settles before I work? Are the hours guaranteed?

There will typically be guaranteed hours for each strike, as well as each step for the job action process. For example, you may receive payment at the following times:

  • If you are confirmed, your travel is booked, and job action RapidStaff is canceled/steeled after you travel, but before you work on the unit
  • Once you complete induction
  • You start working, but the strike is canceled estimated completion. You will typically be paid the remainder of guaranteed hours at your regular rate. For instance, if you have worked 24 hours of guaranteed 40 hours, and the strike is canceled, you will be paid for 0 hours total with the remaining unworked 16 hours paid at regular time rate. This only applies to eligible workers, meaning, if you are dismissed for poor conduct or clinical incompetency, you will be paid for actual hours works.
  • All strike are different & you will receive specific details for each strike.

What are licensing and certification requirements?

Please ask a strike team member for your unit specific requirements. General Guidelines:

  • All non-laboratory positions require a BLS card
  • Certified Nursing Aide/Assistants (CNA) – State CNA license
  • Dietitians – National / CRD Registration
  • Medical Technologists – ASCP Certification
  • MRI Techs – ARRT (CRT License in CA)
  • Nuclear Med Techs – ARRT(N) Certificate, or NMTCB Certificate, (CA State NMT License in CA, other states require state license)
  • Occupational Therapists – State OT License
  • Phlebotomists – CA State Phlebotomy license in CA, National Certification
  • Physical Therapists – State PT License
  • Radiology Techs – ARRT, (In CA: CA State CRT License, CA State Fluoro permit (strongly desired), and CA Venipuncture Certificate (strongly desired))
  • Respiratory Therapists  In CA: CA Sate RCP License, and ACLS, PALS, or NRP will be required for certain units
  • Operating Room / Surgical / Scrub Techs – Prefer National Certification and prefer ACLS
  • Speech Processing Techs / Speech Language Therapists – National Certification, some states may have state license requirement
  • Ultrasound Techs – ARDMS certifications in multiple specialties

What onboarding / compliance documents do I need?

  • Please see the File Requirements To Work Section above

What happens if I don’t have copies of all my vaccinations or records?

  • You will be less likely to be selected for a job action if you do not have all required documentation
  • Declinations may be available for some vaccinations

Who will make my travel and housing arrangements?


For your convenience, our Housing and Travel department coordinated air transportation to and from your assignment.


If you drive to your assignment, we will calculate mileage based upon your home zip code. Using a predetermined rate, you will be reimbursed for miles traveled on your first paycheck.


You will be placed in shared housing & opposite shift roommates cannot be guaranteed