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April 12, 2019

About Us

Born of Valley Healthcare and Rapid Allied, RapidStaff is a provider of Allied and Clinical strike solutions. By partnering with our sister companies TotalMed and Staffency, both industry leaders in the healthcare community, RapidStaff has a database of over 150,000 professionals. Our database makes RapidStaff a guaranteed provider of all of your strike clinical needs.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the field and a pointed focus over the last 5 years. We provide a full scope of services from preparation, planning, staffing, operations, logistics, and execution for Hospitals and Care facilities who are beginning to bargain with their unions. Our guaranteed services allow the leverage needed at the negotiations table, an insurance plan that in the event of a strike service will remain seamless.

A strike is not something you choose the timing of, so our professionals are ready and delivered to you ready to work, adapt, and become part of your team. They are there when you need them. Our guarantee is to provide:


Ø  Consultative and Performance – We work with your key stakeholders and teams to create a plan for fulfillment of your facility’s needs. We provide a guarantee of delivery with professional advice and recommendations of any potential strike at any time to allow for care to continue seamlessly.

Ø  Flexible and Scalable – We adjust our approach to suite your circumstance and conditions. Adjusting on the fly to support your changing needs to increase/decrease staffing, changing location or focus as needed to meet your specific needs.

Ø  Execution – By working with your teams but allowing us to be the experts for all of your needs during this crucial time. We execute on all aspects, from staffing planning, recruitment, travel, logistic, and transitioning to the floors.

Ø  Competitive costs – Our pricing model allows you to know that you and your facility will be taken care of to the fullest without question or hesitation.

Ø  Provide the highest level of recruitment services to interview and evaluate potential candidates.

Ø  Partner with facility during induction process, orientation, file requirements, and management.

Ø  Manage facility needs and requirements identified for orientation.

Ø  Collaboration with facility for further short-term need pre-strike and post -strike.